This section is reserved to journalists, reporters and media professionals.

Q: What is a PRESS PASS?
A: A Press Pass is given to an accreditated journalist and allows him/her to go where press is allowed, which is most everywhere on the site. It entitles Free Entrance to the festival site and a consistent discount on the Full Board for the3 days.

Q: I got my Press Pass and I don't want to use a travel agency: How can I pay for the Full Board?
A: If your accreditation request is accepted, you will get an email with your accreditation number and instructions on how to pay online. You can also pay at your arrival at the Entrance of the Festival site. You may pay in Euro or in local currency.

Q: Where do I get my Press Pass ?
A: Your Passes will be ready and waiting for you at the Entrance of the Festival site.

Q: I'm not sure to attend the festival. What should I do?
A: It is better to apply online for the Press Pass even if you are unsure to participate to the festival. If your request is accepted then you will pay at the Festival Entrance.

Q: Is there a special transport for press?
A: NO, The resources of the festival do not allow us at this time to do so.
We do hope to offer such service in the future

Q: Who can I email concerning info on journalist transport?

Q: May I set up my own tent?
A: NO, To preserve the traditional aspect of the festival you cannot setup your own tent, We provide you with Tuareg tents. However, you are free to setup your tent inside the ones we provide you given it fits.

Q: I want to be in the same tent as my crew.
A: We will do our absolute best to have you stay in the same tent. Tents take from 4 to 8 people.

Q: What about the security of my equipment?
A: We have general-purpose guards. However, due to the number of people at the festival, we cannot be responsible for your belongings. You may hire someone on the site for a small fee to be discussed on a personal basis

Q: I want to do an interview, record or shoot: how do I plan for it?
A: If you want to do this with artists, come to the Artist Info tent and we will indicate to you where the artists you are looking for are. For organizer interviews come to the Press tent. Both tents will be in the same location. You don't need to reserve. Come to the artist tent and they will readily welcome you or tell you of a good time.

Q: I want to film artists performing on the main stage, can I?
A: There is a possibility, the Festival will do an optimum quality shoot of the main stage concerts (captation). In this case you will have to enquire as to purchasing the footage from the festival. If we do not shoot the festival, the final edited version of a band performing must remain under 2 minutes. For anything longer you will need to clear it with the festival. Make sure you request such authorizations as soon as possible.

Q: Will there be Press conferences and when?
A: As schedules change, they will be announced on site. Make sure you come by the Info/Press tents regularly – Conferences will be posted.

Q: Any tips on what to bring?
A: Bring batteries for your equipment the number of plug-in spots are few.  Bring tweezers; sleeping bag; torch light.  Make sure you drink 2 liters of water a day during the festival.Do not forget, IT CAN get cold at night (5 to 10°c) depending on the year!